For Squeezed and PRP Concentration


Multi-Funtional Centrifuge for Squeezed and PRP Concentration

About 416D

What is 416D?

416D is the strong and efficient centrifuge to be well compatible with Lipokit/Adivive FPU syringes.

The Best Functional Quality.

Manufactured and tested to IEC Standards, stable spinning operation within ±2% variation
Steady and soft deceleration with dynamic brake technology
Unique internal air flow design protects samples from heating up

Convenience In Operation

Easy recognisable, bright white lettering on the blue LED display panel
Time control of pulse,timed and continuous
Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
Programme memory that stores up to 10 discreet protocols
Easy to check actual rpm on the top window of door

Safety And Robustness

Double layered door structure decreases noise and heat giving increased safety
The outer door is constructed from ABS and inner section from strong steel
Safety door lock mechanism ensures the door is locked whilist in operation mode
Unique door-drop protection protects the operator and samples when loading and unloading
Automatic door-opening function when rotor is static, protecting both the operator and samples
Emergency door lock release mechanism in case of power failure or interruption enabling sample retrieval
Autoclavable and corrosion resistant rotors protect samples, operators and lab environments from contamination

* The intended use of our products are for fat grafting purposes. The company does not encourage off label indication use. The company is not responsible for any off label claims or off label indications.

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